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Любите ли вы чебуреки?

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Navigation around Stars
Some years ago, when I took a trip to Iriomote island in Okinawa, I happened to see Milky Way and stars reflecting perfectly on the surface of the sea of the inlet.
It was the first experience for me. At this fancy sight I felt as if I were rolling a boat on the great river of Milky Way.
Stars were shining so fascinatingly just around my board, I was literally on the verge of jumping off into the starry world

Snow with Stars
You can enjoy a silent night By the grace of the quiet squeak of snow boots, the subtle sound of her breathing the silence of snow-rabbit, and, above all, complete silence of shining stars in the far sky

Luna Garden
You can enjoy a quiet evening by the grace of the crescent moon, the bright star-Venus, the dark-red sky turning to pale-purple, which color the sky is turning to next ?, and, above all, the panorama of the grand sky filled with twinkling stars.

Blossoms with Stars
You can enjoy a perfect spring by the grace of some pinky clouds along the road, plenty of petals flying in the air, innumerable blossoms in full bloom, and, above all, countless shining stars in the dark blue sky.

Breezes with Stars
You can enjoy a cool evening by the grace of an UCHIWA-fan, YUKATA-wear, a wind bell, a mosquito incense, a bamboo blind, an aired tea room and, above all, plenty of glittering stars in the whole sky.

Madonna blue
This is a picture of Jyodo-daira, where, some say, stars are seen most clearly in Japan.
I have been there many times since I was a high school student.
Some years ago, when I was walking from Azuma-lodge to the astronomic observatory under the full moon, I happened to see a great many beautiful flowers of gentians in full bloom fantastically shining in the splendid moonlight.
I have never forgot the countless cups of madonna-blue, which I painted on the canvas of my memory.

Born in 1968.
Japanese fine artist.
A reputed world forerunner of Digital Painting --doing whole works thoroughly on computer.
Since he was fascinated by celestial stars in his childhood, he has been working for astronomy, contributing many astronomical illustrations to books, magazines, and planetariums.
Having his eternal motif in the grandeur of the cosmic world, he is also active in working for fine-art pictures and animation-movies.
While stars are drawn just as they really are, nevertheless, images are fantastic and inspiring, by virtue of his Hyper Realism and his Celestial Transparency.
He is most popular in Asia.
"the Zodiac, 12 Greek mythologies" is the best-seller in Jigsaw puzzles.
The minar planet 11949 is named Kagayayutaka after his real name in honor of his contribution to astronnomy as an artist.
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